Here is What You Need to Know about Phone with Wireless Charger

The idea of wireless charging could go back to the late 19th century when Nikola Tesla initiated the concept of magnetic resonant coupling where when a receiver and a transmitter create a magnetic field, the electricity could circulate through the air in between.              


Now the wireless charging has been applied in many fields, such as wireless charger in car, wireless charger for ipad, wireless charger lamp, especially mobile phone wireless charging since Apple has released a series of wireless charging products.

We have been used to living in a world where we charge our phones with a charge cable but there are some inconveniences. Have you been tired of the messy clutter of wires? We have noticed how easy to break these cables could be and how hard to find these cables when we need to use them. Indeed, wired charging charges faster because it directly transmits the electricity and the phone prioritize wired charging when both wires and wireless are used. But imagine how convenient it is when you just keep your wireless charger in the spot and charge your phone by simply putting it down. This heralds a new era of wireless charging.

Among the various options available market, we want to bring you to our top-selling product. Most wireless chargers in the market only supports charging but Benks cooling wireless charger could both charge and cool the device at the same time. Here are some of its specialized features.

  • Switch in between three modes. Cooling Mode/ Charging Mode/ Cooling + Charging Mode.
  • Built-in fan and semiconductor cooling technology at the same time so that the heat could be dissipated within 3 seconds.
  • Cool RGB vibe lights to show your uniqueness.
  • The maximum output could get to 15W, meet your need of fast charging.
  • With intelligent magnetic attraction, it achieves precise alignment to the back of phone.

Please notice this product is only compatible with iPhone 12 series. In addition, it works best when it doesn’t have a case or uses with Magsafe-compatible cases.




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