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Article: 5 Must-Have Features of the Best Apple Pencil Alternative

5 Must-Have Features of the Best Apple Pencil Alternative

5 Must-Have Features of the Best Apple Pencil Alternative

If you are looking for the 2nd generation Apple pencil, you are probably also seeking the best Apple pencil replacement. Apple pencil has earned a degree of prestige as it is from the top brand, but its high price also deter someone from buying it. For some users, Apple pencil alternatives will be the best choice due to their conditions and needs..

When you choose to opt for an alternative to Apple's original stylus, you may need to know more details about it. Today, we bring Benks magnetic wireless charging pen as an example to analyze what factors contribute it to be the best Apple stylus replacement.

Here are some good points which are likely to arouse your attention.


Magnetic Wireless Charging and Durable Use

If you spend hours working on your iPad outside or perhaps organizing stuff isn’t your strong suit, you probably better select an iPad pen with a magnetic function. Like Benks magnetic wireless charging pen, its strong magnetic connection could attach the pen to the side of the iPad sturdily, and sharpen the possibility of losing.

The durable battery of the stylus pen also means a lot for users who have needs to use the iPad outside . Benks pen has 9-hour endurance with 2 hours fully charged. Meanwhile, As revealed by the name, Benks magnetic wireless charging pen could achieve a more sustainable time through being wireless charged by being attached to the iPad.


Write Naturally and Palm Rejection

A smooth, fluid, and responsive writing experience is the main feature of the best alternative Apple pencil. Thus, be careful to choose the stylus pen with a great, tough, and sensitive nib. Benks pen comes with two replacement nibs so you don’t need to buy another pen if you lost or ruin the nib accidentally.

For those who want to turn the iPad into a notebook, a pen with palm rejection also needs to be considered. Make sure the pen has a palm rejection technology before the purchase, otherwise, your accidental touches can cause some variance in your paints or notes during writing. But with Benks pen, you are secured as it has palm rejection and provides a smooth, natural, and accurate writing experience.

If you want to unleash your iPad’s productivity, go for Benks magnetic wireless charging pen. It absolutely won’t be a wrong choice.



Lightweight and Minimalist Design

Adhere to Apple’s style, the original Apple pencil has been featured for its excellent aesthetics. As a handy device, practicality and aesthetic appeal are usually put into the same level to consider. It is normal because a small but beautiful stylus pen will bring comfortable and joyful feelings to users, and then increase work productivity.

Similar to Apple Pencil, Benks pen will catch your eyes at the first sight with its premium finish. It is built with aluminum alloy and sprayed with white environmental-friendly material. Grab it in hand, the minimalist white design and the ONLY 12.9g weight will surprise you.   



More Surprises To Be Discovered

Besides, they are more surprises of a stylus pen you may find out. Given that Benks’s mission — brings the user experience to a whole new level with high-quality products, we keep refining our product design and outsourcing the best material for your best experience.

This 2nd Gen Apple pencil replacement displays the real-time battery for people getting out of power-off anxiety and achieves excellent drop resistance with high-hardness material.

In fact, many consumers have bought Benks pen and left pretty good comments. Let’s delve into the comments to see what could we get.




Feels very much like an Apple Pencil, only lacking the pressure sensitivity (which doesn't make a difference for my note-taking). Pairing is only required once. The magnetic charging is amazing. 10/10



Would have never replaced my Apple Pencil

Thank you for producing - not just a replacement, but an update to the Apple Pencil! More functionality and at about 1/3 the cost!

Lost my Apple Pencil 2 and could not get myself to pay $130.00 for a replacement. Was so glad to find this one!


More than I expected with the button functionality on the end and charging indication using a colored circular light. So pleasant and useable! Glad to have a pencil again!

——Mark W.


Works well for me, and at a great price.

——Gary T.


It is amazing!

Save some 100 bucks by going for this tool - basically same functionality and most conveniently: it charges via magnet!

1 star less because it needs to be switched on which takes some 4-5 seconds and lack of the tap-function to switch between pen and eraser as found on the Apple-pencil.

——Richard E.



Here is the summary of the Pros and Cons of Benks magnetic wireless charging pen.


Great price, various functions. Regardless, Benks pen is a good selection as an alternative to Apple Pencil. Use the 15% OFF code “Pen15”, you could save a lot to have the best Apple Pencil replacement.

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