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Article: Read this before you buy an Aramid Fiber case

aramid fiber case for iPhone series

Read this before you buy an Aramid Fiber case

Apple iPhone 15 event was a big hit. With the dynamic island releases, most Apple fans got their hands on the newest iPhone. This year, Benks aramid fiber protective case has drawn a fair amount of attention from the crowd but some of you might be misled by its affordable price. Low profile is not equal to low standard. It was truly designed and built for those who stand in need for a high quality drop-resistant case.

For those who are not familiar with the concept of DuPont™ Kevlar® and aramid fiber, yes, strictly speaking, there is no difference between them. But if you have ever heard of the funny ad, “They invented “SUV” because they can’t call them Jeep®.” You will understand the value of equipping yourself with a protective case that is actually built with a Kevlar® fiber.

Kevlar® fiber is a registered trademark in DuPont company. Based in Wilmington, Delaware, United States, American DuPont corporation engaged primarily in the manufacture of high-performance materials since 1802. It’s like you always shop the latest Apple products from Apple official store to ensure you get the right one. The good and the bad aramid fibers are intermingled in the market and while you are dazzled by so many choices in the market, Benks offers a reliable option.

We all know that Kevlar® fibers are a class of heat-resistant and strong synthetic fibers. In the production process, the best way to cut them into shape is to make effective use of laser cutting technology. Put high quality above everything, we sourced the laser cutting machines with more precision from a listed company with 6926 intellectual property rights. Above and beyond, we found the manufacturer of Apple official Leather cases to produce our protective cases.

All of these translate into better details of the Benks aramid fiber case and the one and only commitment we have is the passion to bring high quality products to you.

Benks aramid fibre case offers more than the high quality, it’s a drop-resistant solution. Interior fiber lining is selected for the maximum protection of the back of a phone. The hollow design at four corners can effectively absorb the shock as a whole and the structural support in the middle smartly disperses the impacts. This offers double protection for the corners in terms of shock absorption. The strong, tough pattern on the inside of the frame is inspired by that triangle is the most stable shape of all. By creating the lines that point to different directions, the frame uncompromisingly protects your phone from drops and bangs, delivering incredible power and performance.

We have been reading some reviews about the Hybrid case being too slippery to hold. This is ascribed to the strengthened spray oil treatments. The fibers are easy to get lints during the manufacturing process. By using the spray, the issue can be properly solved with additional benefits. The rough texture will be covered with smoothness, just like a natural barrier to frictions and dusts. As a result, it extends the life span of your phone case.

More and more aramid fiber cases are introduced to the market in the company of TPU. Plenty of people realize that it was really hard to remove the pure aramid fiber case from the phone and the elastic TPU tackled the problem at its roots. Capitalizing on the injection molding, the way to combine aramid fiber and TPU has left us much room for imagination. Listened to the voices of the mainstream, we launched the one with full-covered TPU frame for your best experience in taking off an aramid fiber case. With better handling in the precision of material use ratio and technical adjustment, the aramid fiber pattern on the back is more aligned and orderly.

Benks Kevlar® case gives you the freedom to play your best in every day. At the affordable price of $39.99-best deal on iPhone 15 case, we make every effort to bring you the best that can possibly be expected. Think big, start small, step by step. And thank you, for always being here so we can keep improving to bring you the best iPhone 15 case.


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I am interested in the Armor Air for iPhone 14 Pro. But i have read that aramid cases trap heat produced by phone since aramid are resistant to heat. And since the ArmorAir is aramid all around, does this mean that heat dissipation would be an issue??



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