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Article: Unveiling the Advancements of Benks' Upgraded 600D Kevlar Case

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Unveiling the Advancements of Benks' Upgraded 600D Kevlar Case

Benks has recently launched its latest line of phone cases, the ArmorPro and ArmorAir, featuring improved grip and aesthetics. These cases utilize the cutting-edge 600D Kevlar fiber, setting them apart from the original 1500D Hybrid Kevlar Case. To explore the remarkable enhancements in depth, it is essential to understand the distinction between 600D and 1500D Kevlar fibers.

The Distinction: 600D vs. 1500D Kevlar Fibers

Kevlar fibers, renowned for their outstanding toughness, vary in performance based on their denier, which measures fiber density. In the realm of Kevlar cases, 600D and 1500D denote different densities. While both provide excellent drop resistance for iPhones, the slimmer 600D Kevlar fiber is harder to produce and offers a more high-profile appearance.

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Enhanced Grip with Anti-slip Texture

By utilizing slimmer 600D Kevlar threads, Benks iPhone covers offer an improved grip through the integration of anti-slip textures. The increased number of threads and smaller gaps between the fibers result in heightened friction, ensuring a secure hold with the ArmorPro case. Compared with the original Hybrid case, it is not easy to slip out of your hand with an enhanced grip.

Superior Resistance to Fingerprints

In addition, these smaller gaps bring excellent fingerprint resistance to the ArmmorPro. There is continuous sweat and oil coming out of the skin on the fingers. Those sweat and oil consist of fingerprints and are left on the surface of any object you touched. It is especially noticeable when you touch a glossy finish.

Normally, the flatter surface, the more conspicuous fingerprints. So, when touched by the 600D kevlar case, which is more matte than 1500D kevlar fiber under the micro perspective, the fingerprints are not easy to show off and tend to have an anti-fingerprint function.

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Enhanced Comfortable Hand Sensation

Despite concerns about the impact of smaller gaps on the overall hand sensation, the 600D Kevlar case surprisingly delivers an enhanced experience. The increased gaps between fibers are offset by their slimmer profile, ensuring a comfortable and tactile feel while maintaining resistance to fingerprints. Also, the authorization of DupontTM Kevlar® fiber ensures genuine use for guaranteeing exceptional quality and authenticity.

Elevated Aesthetics to Show the Dignity

The integration of 600D Kevlar fiber not only enhances functionality but also adds an appealing aesthetic touch. The new upgraded 600D Kevlar cases boast enhanced aesthetics. The ArmorPro cases feature metal buttons, adding a premium touch, while the ArmorAir cases showcase an aluminum alloy camera ring, elevating the overall appearance of the cases. 

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Don’t miss out to experience the exceptional performance and authenticity of Benks' 600D Kevlar cases, it is setting new standards in smartphone protection.

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