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Article: What Kind of Case is Best for iPad Pro 13 Inch?

Urban Magnetic iPad Case (2024)

What Kind of Case is Best for iPad Pro 13 Inch?

With Apple's recent unveiling of the iPad Pro 13 Inch, professionals, creatives, and technology enthusiasts are presented with a new frontier of capability and innovation. Protecting this cutting-edge device is paramount. The Urban Magnetic iPad Case (2024) from Benks emerges as the premier choice, blending protection, functionality, and style. Let’s delve into why this iPad case is an essential accessory for your new iPad Pro 13 Inch.

Why Your New iPad Pro 13 Inch Deserves Premium Protection

Apple's latest release, the iPad Pro 13 Inch, is more than just a powerful tool—it’s a substantial investment in your personal and professional life. The expansive display and sophisticated technology make it essential to safeguard this device from daily challenges. An optimal iPad case not only prevents physical damage but also enhances the user experience by complementing the iPad’s sleek design and advanced features.

Critical Features to Consider in an iPad Pro 13 Inch Case

Selecting the right iPad case for your iPad Pro 13 Inch involves evaluating several key aspects:

  • Durability: Your iPad case must provide robust protection against drops, bumps, and abrasions to extend the life of your iPad Pro 13 Inch.
  • Functionality: Seek out iPad cases that amplify the usability of your iPad Pro 13 Inch, such as those with built-in stands or smart auto sleep/wake features.
  • Design: The iPad case should reflect the sophistication of the iPad Pro 13 Inch, maintaining a slim profile and adding minimal bulk.
  • Pencil Holder: A built-in holder for the Apple Pencil is vital for users who frequently utilize this tool for creativity and productivity.

Spotlight on the Urban Magnetic iPad Case (2024)

Designed specifically for the new iPad Pro 13 Inch, the Urban Magnetic iPad Case by Benks offers:

  • Superior Protection: Crafted from premium materials, the Urban iPad case shields your iPad Pro 13 Inch from everyday hazards while keeping it sleek and portable. Its durable construction guarantees comprehensive protection without sacrificing accessibility or style.
  • Enhanced Functionality: This iPad case boasts a versatile folio design with several standing angles suitable for different activities, from typing to watching videos. The magnetic attachment ensures your iPad Pro 13 Inch is securely in place yet remains easy to remove as needed.
  • Integrated Pencil Holder: The case includes a seamless pencil holder, ensuring your Apple Pencil is always within reach and securely stored, ready for whenever inspiration strikes.
  • Elegant Design: Available in multiple color options to suit your personal style, this iPad case complements the modern aesthetic of the iPad Pro 13 Inch, enhancing both tactile and visual appeal.


Choosing the right iPad case for your iPad Pro 13 Inch significantly affects your daily interaction with the device. The Urban Magnetic iPad Case (2024) from Benks is a standout choice that combines protection, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, ensuring it meets the needs of even the most demanding users.

Elevate your iPad experience by opting for the Urban Magnetic iPad Case. For more information and to make a purchase, visit

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