Just-right for your iPhone 14

Tougher Glass
Smarter Protection
Faster Charging
Feeling Incredible 

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Challenge the Limit of Protection

Designed to last, GlassWarrior sets a higher standard for screen protector. Uses the same material as your iPhone screen and strongly protects your phone from daily wear and tear. This time, it goes even further with a Sapphire crystalline coating so you can pro anytime and anywhere.

Challenge the Limit of Aesthetics

Mind-blowing visual impact with zero compromises on quality. And Kevlar® fiber speaks a different story. The definition of a great product is not limited to its performance, the emotional value it brings completes the full story. This is what our Hybrid can offer. You will want to change a protective case for this.

Challenge the Limit of Performance

InvisiBoost Wireless Charger that charges iPhone 40% faster than Apple MagSafe charger. With Freezemat™, a breakthrough temperature-sensitive hydrogel, it absorbs water from the air and carries out the heat through evaporation to circulate heat dissipation for a cooler and faster wireless charging. This is your new superpower. Way to go!

Challenge the Limit of Feel

Tech isn’t all about absolute protection. Imagine tech is no longer stiff and rigid as it was. On-Go Battery Pack focuses more on essential comfort with its with marshmallow grip. The liquid silicone finish keeps you powered up with a satisfying tactile feel. You can always feel the softness on the go.

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