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Wireless Charging Stylus Pens for Apple. Magnetic Wireless Charging Benks Pen - Perfect iPad Stylus Companion - Seamlessly enhance your iPad experience with the Benks Pen, featuring cutting-edge magnetic wireless charging technology for effortless use.Upgrade Your iPad with Benks Magnetic Charging Stylus Pen - Discover the ultimate tool for iPad users, the Benks Pen, offering unparalleled precision, palm rejection, and wireless charging functionality.
Pack of 2 Pencil Tips Replacement, compatible with Benks Pen and Apple Pencil, designed for precision and durability in writing and drawing tasks.
Benks Pen (2nd generation) with magnetic wireless charging and Type-C port, designed for iPad users.Benks Pen (2nd generation) showcasing dual charging options: magnetic wireless charging and Type-C port.