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Article: Why Benks Kevlar Case?

Why Benks Kevlar Case?

Why Benks Kevlar Case?

Benks has been investing the efforts in producing the iPhone cases for years. Whether it’s the real strength of building the case with DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber, or keep exploring the best technology solution against all odds. Today, let’s dive deeper into why Benks Kevlar case can be your best possible option.

Built with DuPont™ Kevlar® Fiber

Invented more than 50 years ago, Kevlar® fiber is best known for its use in ballistic and stab-resistant body arm. Benks was granted to use Kevlar® fiber in the manufacture of cases, which offers groundbreaking flexibility in bringing you the reliable protection and unlimited possibilities.

*for case built with real Kevlar® fiber, please check the certification

Cutting-Edge Technology for Integrated Design

The idea of applying Kevlar® fiber in the protective cases has long been considered as brilliant but most of these cases are hard to remove, which has long been complained by the public. TPU, the abrasion-resistant material, is drawn to the attention as a great solution.

But it can be hard to combine Kevlar® fiber and TPU seamlessly. Brainstormed, searched, and spoke to many experts in the field, it was made clear that injection molding should be the best way for a seamless design. The Kevlar® fiber is cut into the shape we want and then gets put into a secondary mold with the TPU.

More Resilient TPU Frame

The choice of making the frame pure TPU was a no-brainer for your best experience of removing case easily. Besides, relatively more resilient TPU frame better serves the purpose of protection in daily use.

Drop Resistance in Every Way

Kevlar® fiber and TPU has long been recognized as great abrasion-resistant materials. With the choice, this case is destined to be out of the ordinary. Interior fiber lining, double protection design in the corners and strong, tough pattern on the inside of the frame deliver the sole purpose. All work together to bring incredible drop-resistant performance to a whole new level.

Only Costs $39.99

All the considerable design come down to the affordable price $39.99. What a surprise!

But, secure for EVERY adventure has no price. We do what we can do for your improved life efficiency and work productively. With this persistent commitment, the future is rolling and Benks is always here for you.  


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