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Article: Benks Arcticland Series-The Best Gaming Accessories

Benks Arctiland Series-The Best Gaming Accessories

Benks Arcticland Series-The Best Gaming Accessories

WhirlWind Phone Cooler This revolutionary phone cooler is for mobile gamer to play at the peak. Built with semiconductor for fast cooling, it takes only 30 seconds to cool down your phone by 22 degrees. The lightweight and noise-free operation create fascinating gaming experience for player.
Legend Case for Gaming Legendary and attractive design and incredible gaming experience. Built-in aluminium alloy helps with faster heat transfer and the modified magnet ring ensures stronger connection. High quality and durable back panel delivers comprehensive protection.
Blizzard Cooling Case   Cool your iPhone down by 2.3°C. It makes effective use of Freezemat technology, a temperature-sensitive and self-replenishing hydrogel to absorb moisture from air and cool the phone through water evaporation. This is also eco-friendly and sutainable as an all-round solution to extend the battery life.
WindStorm Phone Cooler(SR07) Reinforced semiconductor chip with fan to distribute the heat for instant cooling. With larger cooling area, we empower the gamer with enhanced gaming performance. The clamp design is used for tight connection to your iPhone 13 with incredible and rewarding RGB lighting effect.
Cooling Wireless Charger (W07)  Semiconductor cooling with 7-blade fan delivers ultra fast cooling at your fingertips. Just snap it on your device and you’re ready to game with its strong magnetic connection. Cooling Mode/ Charging Mode/ Cooling+Charging Mode meets your needs and the dazzling gaming light is great for your unique self-expression.
Gaming screen protector. Thin, smooth and brings strong scratch resistance. The long-lasting hydrophobic and oleo-phobic coating makes it anti-fingerprint and dirt-proof. It provides unrivaled precision and instant response to your every operation.
Gaming Finger Sleeves(ZT01) .Combination of 35% filamentary silver and high quality nylon, it can greatly enhance gaming expe. It’s helpful when you play in an intense E-Sports game since it can absorb the sweats to reduce the operation mistakes.
Fast Charging Data Cable.Apple officially certified charging data cable supports high speed data transmission and PD fast charging. Bending design with no interference with game playing, and 1.5 meters length for the convenience of player while playing games.

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