Guess the Winner

The deadline for guessing is 30 minutes before the start of the game.
If there is a closed guessing on this page, you can continue to guess the rest of the game on this page.

1.Guessing Time
November 18, 2022 - December 18, 2022

2. Participation Method
① During the event, users can only participate in the guessing game before the end of the event; Guesses made after the cut-off time will not be counted in the number of times;
② During the period, each mail can only participate in one time. If there are multiple guessing, only the first guessing shall prevail;
③ Click Submit and there is a prompt that the sending is successful, which means successful participation;
④ The number of correct guesses only counts the results of the same mailbox, and participation in changing mailboxes will not be counted as the number of times;
⑤$5, $100, $200, 300 gift cards are used without threshold, $10 dollars are used for more than $40 dollars, $20 are used for more than $85

3. Distribution of Prizes
After the guess is successful, we will send the discount code to the customer's mailbox by email (discount coupons cannot be stacked in the same order)

4. Other Rules
The time involved in this page is all based on GMT-5 time