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Take Your Screen Protector Installation To The Next Level

Uncomplicated IKit, Simplified Life

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Safeguarding Day and Night

Your phone is essential to your ever-connected lives on the move. Benks has got your back and filled in the details with reliable Accessory Glass 2 by Corning®. Unparalleled durability, and a giant leap in protection.

Redefine Your Installation Kit

Nothing is more precise than IKit when it comes to applying your screen protector.

Our IKit gets a great upgrade and it helps with a perfect installation. When IKit was firstly proposed, it’s researched that many people failed to install the screen protector successfully at the first time.

Thinking creatively, a roller gear came to mind because it increases the real contact area. Along with the fundamental physics, the phone should be fixed in place if we want to make the roller as effective as possible. We called this technology IKit and it worked really well. The silicone roller could be in full contact with the screen protector to make sure the perfect alignment.

Check the video for full installation instruction.