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Benks InvisiBoost 

World's Fastest Wireless MagSafe Charger with Self-Cooling

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World’s First Heat Cooling Hydrogel

Freezemat™ allows small amount of water inside the hydrogel to quickly dissipate the heat generated by your phone. Freezemat™ is a breakthrough temperature-sensitive hydrogel that can circulate heat dissipation for a cooler and faster wireless charging.

Wireless charging up to 40% faster

InvisBoost’s wireless charging is 30% - 40% faster.
Less time waiting, enjoying faster charging time. 

Breathe out the Heat
Breathe in the Cool

The hydrogel harvests water molecules in the air to stay replenished and evaporate the heat away. A continuous breathing cycle for a cooler wireless charger. 

Officially Certified by Apple
Made for MagSafe

Benks InvisiBoost is MFM certified by Apple. Made for MagSafe protects your iPhone device from potential damage from using unauthorized third party accessory. such as overheating, improper charging, port damage, or even iOS incompatibility. You enjoy the safest charging experience from Benks.

Benks Ecosystem Ready for Freezemat™ 

Benks is proud for the patented Freezemat™ to join the future of your Apple lineups.

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