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Chill Out, It's Benks

Experience Ultimate Protection with Benks Protective Case! 
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Benks ArmorPro - The Apex of Protection and Style

The case is built to shield your new iPhone from all sorts of damage, even drops onto the hard concrete. 600D Kevlar Fiber is with more delicate surface texture and improved grip, reducing the chance of dropping your device.

Tested to the Extreme

In a daring display of both nerve and innovation, YouTuber EverythingApplePro E A P (8 million following) fearlessly dropped the iPhone with Benks Kevlar case from a staggering height of 50 feet and the phone survived. Again, Benks redefines limitless protection.

Material Satisfaction

Experience the ultimate peace of mind in all your adventures, knowing your device is guarded by the strength of 600D Kevlar fiber and the precision of metal buttons.

Design That Speaks Volumes

Meticulously designed with a balance of sleekness and strength, it's a case that complements your device's natural beauty while providing formidable protection.

Wireless Charging Ready

Embrace the future with a case that is fully compatible with wireless charging, allowing for effortless power-ups without the constant need to remove the case.

“Solid case, buttons are very clicky. The aramid fibre is woven in a way that creates grip and has a really unique feel and texture. ”
-Paul T., Customer

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MagClap ArmorPro Case built with Kevlar® 600D

MagClap ArmorAir Case built with Kevlar® 600D for iPhone 15 Pro Max

MagClap Crystal Phone Case

MagClap Mist Phone Case

MagClap Lucid Armor Phone Case

MagClap Biliz Cooling Case

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Technically Tee

Social Media Influencer

Benks ArmorAir is the perfect case when it comes to thin and minimalist protection. With Benks one, you have your top and bottom completely closed, unlike the other thin aramid cases in the market. Honestly I want to keep'em protected at all times all the sides and that's exactly what this air does.

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