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Ellis Bundle
Ellis Bundle

Ellis Bundle

  • Ellis bundle includes the Infinity Pro iPad Stand and Grand Pro Headphone Stand (White Color).



The Stand Knows No Bounds

The Infinity Pro and Grand Pro deliver incredible stability to maximize your work productivity and elevate your work from home.


Mark Ellis

Social Media Influencer

"I highly recommend headphone stands. Without them, you have the option of either leaving your expensive AirPods Max lying around on desktop surfaces where they can easily be knocked, sat on or scratched – or stowing them away in a carry case. This Benks headset stand is the most elegant I have in my studio, and superbly built for the price. 
The Infinity stand is available for a wide range of iPads and comes highly recommended by yours truly if you want a neat, convenient and attractive way to make your iPad more functional on your desk."

Play Like Never Before with Infinity Pro

Interactive design that adds more fun. Crafted with acoustic damping material, the stand reacts to every rotation responsively. Build a styled setup to express yourself.

Advanced Magnetic Connection

Updated with the powerful magnets, you need to work at your best. Rest assured with its solid construction and view the screen at your most comfortable position.

Foldable, Portable, so it can be Unbeatable

With foldable design, Infinity Pro iPad stand can be carried around with ease. Perfect for anyone who is always on the go.

Grand Pro Headphone Stand

Minimalist Design, Unparalleled Power

Lightning Fast & Productive 

Efficiently power your digital devices wirelessly with up to 15W fast charging. 

Elaborate & Flawless

The headphone stand features a curved touch surface and inclined support rod, preventing deformation and scratches for your headset.


Ellis Bundle

  • What's In the Box:
    Infinity Pro Magnetic Stand
    Grand Pro Headphone Stand
  • Infinity Pro Folded Size
    305*160*36mm (iPad Pro 12.9'') 295*142*36mm (iPad Air 4/5,iPad Pro 11'')
  • Infinity Pro Pad Size
    158*260mm(iPad Pro 12.9'')
    142*241mm(iPad Air 4/5,iPad Pro 11'')
  • Infinity Pro Weight
    860g(iPad Pro 12.9'')
    720g(iPad Air 4/5,iPad Pro 11'')
  • Infinity Pro Compatible Model
    iPad Pro 12.9''(2018/2020/2021)
    iPad Pro 11'' (2018/2020/2021)
    iPad Air 4/5
  • Grand Pro Output
    15W (Max)