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Ultra Shield HD Screen Protector
GlassWarrior HD Screen Protector
Ultra Shield HD Screen Protector
GlassWarrior HD Screen Protector

GlassWarrior HD Screen Protector

GlassWarrior HD Provides Edge-to-Edge Protection, Maximum Touch Sensitivity & HD Clarity for your Daily precious.

  • Extreme Scratch & Shatter Protection
  • Same Material as Your Screen
  • Touch and Go, Leaves No Fingerprints
  • Invisible Protection with Seamless Coverage
  • Smooth hand sensation
  • Ultimate display of original beauty
  • Ultra HD Clarity and Sensitive Screen Touch
  • Immersive visual experience, unfiltered view of your screen



Seeing is Beliving

Enjoying stunning screen with Benks King Kong and enjoy every smooth touch with long-lasting coating. Every improvement on Glass Warrior sets a higher standard for clearer screen. Immersive visual experience, unfiltered view of your screen.

Same Glass as Your Phone Screen

Long-lasting, high-strength glass helps protects your iPhone screens against drops, impacts, and daily wear.

100% High Clarity and Touch Sensitive

Still struggling between size or protection? Benks iPhone corning® glass screen protector film is rigid but thin, comfortable, and sensitive touch makes you feel nothing on the iPhone screen

Don't Just Touch. Enjoy.

Glass Warrior makes your screen touch experience more fun than ever with smooth coating.

Better Explosion-Proof

Stronger Scratch Resistance

Higher Adaptability

Old Legend, New Chapter

Benks designed and built the Glass just for Glass Warrior Series Film, embedding a professional-grade dust filter in an unbelievably compact space. Rigorous standards are applied to both hardness performance and touch smoothness, bringing screen protecting quality to an entirely new level.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Andrew N.
Best Screen Protector. Highly Recommended.

Top Class


Very good glass!It leaves almost no fingerprints. Fits perfectly. No hassle to install on the screen. Looks great and protects well ! Fast delivery and contact with support :) 5/5

jahanzeb k.
perfect fit

the only thing which i am bothered is that i need to clean the glass again and again as the fingerprint keeps on coming again and again apart from that the screen protector is amazing