GlassWarrior Sapphire Coating Screen Protector
GlassWarrior Sapphire Coating Screen Protector
GlassWarrior Sapphire Coating Screen Protector
GlassWarrior Sapphire Coating Screen Protector

GlassWarrior Sapphire Coating Screen Protector

GlassWarrior Sapphire Coating Provides Edge-to-Edge Protection, Maximum Touch Sensitivity & HD Clarity for your Daily precious.
  • Maxmium Scratch & Shatter Protection
  • Same Material as Your Screen
  • Touch and Go, Leaves No Fingerprints
  • Invisible Protection with Seamless Coverage
  • Smooth hand sensation
  • Ultimate display of original beauty
  • Ultra HD Clarity and Sensitive Screen Touch
  • Immersive visual experience, unfiltered view of your screen



Redefine Scratch Resistant

The top layer of the GlassWarrior is coated with sapphire material to provide the highest level of scratch protection available, to keep your iPhone looking and functioning like the day you brought it home.

Same Glass as Your Phone Screen

Long-lasting, high-strength glass helps protects your iPhone screens against drops, impacts, and daily wear.

Seeing is Beliving

Enjoying stunning screen with Benks King Kong and enjoy every smooth touch with long-lasting coating. Every improvement on Glass Warrior sets a higher standard for clearer screen. Immersive visual experience, unfiltered view of your screen.

Don't Just Touch. Enjoy.

Glass Warrior makes your screen touch experience more fun than ever with smooth coating.

Zero Fingerprints, Unlimited Possibilities

Adopts advanced vacuum electroplating spraying process to unlock smudge-free and waterproof experience of your screen.

Better Explosion-Proof

Stronger Scratch Resistance

Higher Adaptability

Old Legend, New Chapter

Benks designed and built the Glass just for Glass Warrior Series Film, embedding a professional-grade dust filter in an unbelievably compact space. Rigorous standards are applied to both hardness performance and touch smoothness, bringing screen protecting quality to an entirely new level.

Hassle-Free Installation with MagicAlign™

The MagicAlign™ can remove the dust automaticlly. With Benks MagicAlign™ installation kit, anyone can be a master at installing perfect screen protectors.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jean P.P.
very nice

good quality and perfect customer service

Best screen protector

I love this protector. Provide great clarify and added protection for the iPhone 14 pro max. The customer service from Benks is fantastic.

Ian R.
Always use Benks

It is as described. Great product and easy to install. A little added protection for your 14 Pro Max.

Sebastian K.
Best Screen Protector for iPhone 14 PM

Best feeling, no issues, flawless install AND the first that doesn’t interfere with the Dynamic Island!
Well done Benks!

Does the job dam right!

I’ve been using Benks screen protector for 3 years now. And always coming back to this company they make the best screen protector I have seen so far.. it feels extremely the same as my iPhone screen. The screen protector gets really close to the edge. And I love how they made this years iPhone pro screen protector installed so easy, by far the best installation tool I have ever used..