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 benks sapphire lens protector for iPhone 14 pro/pro max
 benks sapphire lens protector for iPhone 14 pro/pro max
 benks sapphire lens protector for iPhone 14 pro/pro max
 benks sapphire lens protector for iPhone 14 pro/pro max

Sapphire Lens Protector for iPhone 14 Pro/ 14 Pro Max

Say goodbye to scratches and dings on your camera. Benks Camera Lens Protector is made from Sapphire and is built to precisely encapsulate each individual lens, providing a premium feel while keeping it ultra-thin and low profile. It offers seamless edge-to-edge protection, without ever compromising your phone's natural feel.
  • The most scratch-resistant smartphone camera lens protection available.
  • Guaranteed scratch resistance at 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. (Just about the only thing harder is a diamond).
  • Cut from 99.99% pure synthetic sapphire
  • Hassle-Free Installation, Residue-Free Removal
  • Preserves Original Display



Why Sapphire?

The hardness of sapphire is second only to diamonds. Benks grow high-hardness and high-purity sapphire crystals in the lab through artificial heat exchange. Its resistance to scratches are superior to tempered glass.

Seamless Fit

Only 1 mm thin, blend seamlessly with your iPhone 14

Superior Craftsmanship

Sleek sapphire combined with sturdy aluminum creates a minimalistic look that blends in seamlessly with your iPhone 14 while keeping the raised edges and lens of your camera scratch-free.

Preserves Original Display

Equipped with advanced anti-reflective coating, Benks sapphire lens protector is capable preserves light transmittance to 92%. Capture any moment with the rich clarity and authentic color tones it deserves.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Viktor M.
Good quality

I don't have extensive experience with Lens Protectors, but out of the few I've tried, the Sapphire Lens Protector stands out as the best. Its main advantages include scratch resistance against any contact with other materials, easy removal of any stains, and it complements the iPhone's aesthetics quite well compared to other Protectors I've used before.

I can't say anything negative about how this Lens Protector impacts photo quality. I installed the Sapphire Lens Protector for iPhone 14 Pro on my wife's phone after experimenting with my own phone and the GlassWarrior Lens Protector for iPhone 15 Pro.

Derek G.

A wonderful product!

Lea K.
Works perfectly

I was skeptical at first but these work perfectly with a new otterbox used on an iphone 14 pro. The otterbox does not allow for a full square camera lense protector so this does the trick!

Brian E.
Professional-Grade Protection for the iPhone 14 Pro Camera Lenses

I utilize my iPhone 14 Pro camera for professional high-resolution images, and commercial-grade videos. Traveling around the world, my iPhone 14 pro is subjected to any number of harsh environmental conditions including blowing dirt, sand, rain, snow, micro dust, and harsh industrial materials resulting during manufacturing processes, to mention a few. I cannot afford to have the camera lens get scratched, chipped, or damaged which could result in the loss of the opportunity or worse the need to replace the phone. I do not like directly wiping off the lens either because I do not always have the proper micro cloth with me which can result in scratching or smudging.

I reviewed dozens of lens protectors costing from under $10 up to $200 hundred dollars. I believed that for the price, Benks offers the highest quality of protection, with the most advanced non-scratch glass, outside of the over-the-top professional options.

Applying the covers was intuitive and easy, which is as important as the performance. I am no longer concerned about damage to the lens if I drop the phone, or when exposed to harsh environments or conditions.

This was the first time I purchased a Benks product, and guarantee it will not be my last. The product just instills a sense of confidence and satisfaction that you have provided the best protection for your mobile phone camera lens.

Matches my purple iphone

Matches my purple iphone, so far so good.