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vpro_privacy screen protector
vpro_from benks
vpro_privacy screen protector
vpro_from benks

Ultra Shield Privacy Screen Protector

Save your screen and your privacy with Ultra Shield Privacy Protector.

  • Protect your Privacy on top of Screen Protection
  • Extreme Scratch & Shatter Protection
  • Reinforced Edges
  • Touch and Go, Leaves No Fingerprints
  • Hassle-Free Installation



Protector That Beyond Protection

Everything, So Clear

Fully appreciate the vibrant colors, sharp details, and stunning clarity of your iphone screen

Uncompromised Sensitivity

Thin as 0.3mm, it is born to understanding your every touch and swipe without any delay

Strength Refined

Crafted to withstand the harshest challenges, delivering a level of strength 3X greater than conventional glass guards.

Flawless Full Coverage

Experience the perfect harmony of seamless coverage, safeguarding your iPhone, including its speaker without compromising crystal-clear sound.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Luis A.G.
good product

very good privacy protection. when installing it didn't fit perfectly, i had to manually adjust it to go up slightly. something they have to consider is that the brightness of the screen decreases which is likely to happen with all brands. this is important since increasing the brightness decreases the battery performance.