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Article: Benks Launches iPhone 13 Accessories | Prompt Reaction to 2021 iPhone 13

Benks Launches iPhone 13 Accessories | Prompt Reaction to 2021 iPhone 13

Benks Launches iPhone 13 Accessories | Prompt Reaction to 2021 iPhone 13

Benks, taking pride in their dedication in creating premium and innovative digital accessories for 13 years, announced the release of their timely response towards the new iPhone 13. Benks strives to redefine your experience of using Apple products.


Featuring the classic design, durable and premium materials and comprehensive protection to bear up against the potential drops and scratches. While at the same time, Benks takes qualified patents and certification into account equally. 

As a digital accessory company which closely works with Apple for years, many of their products are authorized by Apple MFI and MagSafe. In addition, Benks is one of the only four brands certified to use Accessory Glass 2 by Corning® for producing iPhone screen protectors.

King Kong Corning® Screen Protector

New iPhone official release event intrigues Apple users and Benks is certainly geared up with King Kong Corning® screen protector for iPhone 13. The screen protector features for premium glass material, strengthened production process by adopting imported materials and machines, and meticulous tests before shipping to the customers. This time, they specially designed the attractive packaging and patented install-kit for new iPhone 13 release.

Screen Protector: link, Corning® certification at here, priced at $34.99.

Kevlar® Aramid Fiber Magnetic Protective Case

With the case crafted with Kevlar® military material, which is usually used for bullet-proof vest, the frame on the edges uses incomparably shock-resistant material from Bayer, Germany. Inside the protective case, Benks uses high density fiber lining imported from Japan to absorb the impact force. All these safeguarding features fully factor in potential damage and offer the maximum protection for your iPhone 13. Alloy button design on the side for your best hand sensation and satisfying aesthetic perception. Built-in magnetic core is MFM officially certified and it has strong magnetic adsorption. Benks respects the user experience and devotes significant efforts to bringing the highest quality to the customers.

Protective Case: link, priced at $45.99.

Crystal Clear Protective Case

Assured with the same treatment process as Apple product, Benks crystal clear protective case ultimately presents your new iPhone 13. Incomparably elastic edges for effective shock absorption and anti-oxidation material doesn’t discolor easily. Alloy button design allows for great touch sensitivity.  

Protective Case: link, priced at $15.99.

Magnetic 2-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand

Benks magnetic 2-in-1 wireless charging stand combines the 15W fast charging with the convenience of hands-free phone holder. Use silicone materials for powerful scratch resistance and electroplated glossy stainless steel is resistant to oxidation. Two devices could be charged at the same time. Work as both a charger and phone holder for you to live-stream, read articles or watch movies. The angle adjustment is for you to find your most comfortable posture. Moreover, it has multiple safety protections to filter out potential hazards.

Protective Case: link, priced at $46.98.

About Benks 

With the joint mission of “Leave the thinking to us,” a professional and passionate team has been united starting 2008. Over the years, we have immersed ourselves into exploring the needs of customers through observant eyes and close communication.

Benks concept is "fill up your life with power Benks." We want you to be powered by our classy, minimalist and innovative products anytime and anywhere.

For business inquiries, please contact:

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