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Article: Benks Aramid Fiber Case, Helps You Express Your Hero Dream

An aramid fiber case was lying flat on the sand with its scratches resistance feature.

Benks Aramid Fiber Case, Helps You Express Your Hero Dream

If you love superhero movies, you must be familiar with the black bulletproof vest worn by the hero. Superhero rushes in and out to rescue people, and the bulletproof vest helps him survive in the hail of bullets. Heroes are brave, respectful, and have the best companions: the tough enough bulletproof vest.

You may not realize that many daily items were built with the same material as a movie hero’s bulletproof vest, such as commercial aircraft, supercars, and even small phone cases. Yes, today, let’s talk about the aramid fiber, a ubiquitous but little-known “hero” who guards heroes from gunfires and plays the role of protection in our life.

Hero in Fiber Family: Aramid Fiber VS. Carbon Fiber

Standing out for its features in security and protection areas, aramid fiber is the hero in the big family of fiber, although many people get confused about the differences between aramid fiber and carbon fiber. Both of aramid fiber and carbon fiber are worthy and widely used in various fields. But definitely be careful when you choose the product of them because of the different features.

They are two main differences. First, carbon fiber is conductive, and not suggested to make a carbon fiber phone case. Carbon fiber phone case blocks some electromagnetic interference but interferes with the phone signal. And it might hurt your phone's internal components by static buildup. Oppositely, aramid fiber case is non-conductive. It helps you receive the signal well and does not decrease the fun in this internet era.

aramid fiber accessories

Second, aramid fibers are tough, while carbon fibers are brittle. Unlike the carbon fiber phone case easier to get crack under the impact, aramid fiber case is tough enough to bare even strong impact. After all, heroes can always heal from wounds, rather than shattering with a single blow.

Superhero in Fiber Land: How Does Kevlar Fiber Differ from Aramid Fiber?

It is inevitable to mention about kevlar® fiber when we come to aramid fiber. If we put a metaphor that aramid fiber is a hero, then Kevlar® fiber will be a superhero in the land of fiber. Kevlar®, also a brand name of DuPont company, raises the features of aramid fiber to the next whole new level. Kevlar® fiber has better heat resistance, stronger explosion-proof, and superior scratches resistance.

Although many phone case manufacturers claimed that they utilize kevlar® fiber, well, you better check whether they have traceable evidence. Indeed, behind the vague advertisement, they are just normal aramid fiber cases. But benks makes the aramid fiber case with the authorization of DuPontTM Kevlar®.

see the authrization of aramid fiber case

Benks Aramid Fiber Case: Heros Dream Companion

If the movie heroes know Benks aramid fiber case, I bet they would have it to armor their phone. Not just because its outward matches the black bulletproof vest well, but also Benks aramid case is built with real DuPontTM Kevlar® fiber (click to see traceable evidence).

Light as air, but strong as steel. Benks aramid fiber case guards the phone safely from 50 feet-height drop with its feather-like weight, according to a video from an 8 million fans YouTuber. And our aramid fiber case has great heat resistance, which means you will not worry about getting your phone close to the heat place when you are cooking, camping, or really rescuing someone from danger just like the movie heroes.

explore the best aramid fiber case from Benks

Heroes are spiritual and rare. But back to reality, who says we can’t get a sense of a hero’s quality? Even if an ordinary person could get armor and shields to protect his cherishes better.

And most importantly, this ordinary person could be he, could be she, could be you.  

Yes, maybe currently you just protect your phone with an aramid fiber case, but once you bring the inside hero dream out, one day, you will get a tight connection with superheroes, and protect more, protect better.

Benks aramid fiber case, helps you express your hero dream.


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