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Article: Freezemat Technology

Freezemat Technology

Freezemat Technology

Freezemat is a brilliant material for dynamic cooling cycle, uses a bionic intelligent polymer, a temperature-sensitive hydrogel, to mimic the cooling mechanism of a living organism: dissipating heat by evaporation. Once the ambient temperature hit the threshold of the evaporation point of hydrogel, the water molecules evaporate and carries the heat away; when the temperature come back under the threshold, the Freezemat replenishes water particles from the environment. This cycle will keep on looping to ensure your device is always on the right temperature.The whole cooling process is power-free and silent, effectively solves overheating problem of fanless devices. Enjoy the beauty of nature's work.

The phones are getting more and more powerful these days, but the performance of battery seems to need catching up. Top-notch performance demands greater energy consumption and generates more heat, which really put the battery health on the test. And just like humans need to cool their heads to think, the phones need stay cool to perform as well. The invention of Freezemat material will provide an all-round solution to extend the battery life and maximize the performance. The idea is to use the temperautre-sensitive Blizzard cooling case from Benks to trigger the evaporation mechanism of water molecules on the surface of Freezemat whenever it receives heat from the phone or the external environment. The water particles will carry away the heat through evaporation to achieve phone cooling. Furthermore, to take the efficiency of heat dissipation a step further, the grille structure on the exterior is designed so that the heat can be transferred more quickly.

To go beyond expectations, this is a product that meets both cooling needs and eco-friendly concept. It is Benks' social responsibility to reduce carbon emissions and increase the use of recyclable materials. The principle of heat dissipation without using external energy and self-replenishing Freezemat greatly meet Benks' mission of building a more sustainable future. Our R&D team has optimized the structure, increased the use of recyclable materials, and utilized the physical property of Freezemat to achieve the spontaneous heat dissipation by evaporating water when heated, which is a beginning of a new era for digital device heat dissipation technology. Hold your expectation about what comes next!

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