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Article: The Best Screen Protector for iPhone 15 Rounded Curved Display

iPhone 15 curved screen protector
Screen Protector

The Best Screen Protector for iPhone 15 Rounded Curved Display

After a zigzag journey of innovation, Apple seems like would head back to get a rounded curved display for iPhone 15 this year. Many iPhone tech gadgets will follow to change, including the screen protector. To catch the cutting edge, Benks has made the best screen protector for it, which adopts the same material as the phone screen and comes with the MagicAlignTM kit for a seamless fit.

The Same Curved Edges for iPhone 15

From sharp edges to curved edges, the change of iPhone 15 drives us to switch the screen protector for a well-fit effect. It also puts the third-party screen protector manufacturers on trial as it is harder to shape glass into curved edges. To success from this ordeal, Benks has developed ArcproofTM tech, adding a circle of epoxy resin along edges of screen film to make it thicker and form a light arc. The arc seamlessly fits with the phone screen with the same curved angles, so it will block any dust out without remaining gaps. Meanwhile, it provides an improved grip with a rounded and smooth design.

best screen protector for iPhone 15 curved edges

The Same Glass Material as iPhone 15’s Screen

Second, Benks screen protector is made with the same material as phone screen to guarantee a high quality. In 2016, Benks got the authorization of Corning®. Since that, we use premium glass material to produce scratch-resistant, explosion-proof, and high-transparency screen protectors. For other courses, the reinforced edges of the screen protector, which could bear up to 25KG force on each side, embodies with silk print to ensure a shatter-free effect after 10000 times test. The screen protector could survive for more than 2-year use in normal situations and provide the same feeling as your original phone screen.

best screen protector for iPhone 15 curved edges

Keep Your iPhone 15 as Clean as New

The third factor is the fingerprints resistance. Finger dander such as sweat and oil residues remains everywhere you touched and consists of fingerprints. If less dander left, then fewer fingerprints. Inspired by the composition of fingerprints, Benks screen protector features an oleophobic coating by vacuum electroplated technology to repel oils and sweat from your fingers. It keeps the phone screen as clean and clear as new and gives users a smooth touch sensation.

best screen protector for iPhone 15 curved edges

Easy to Install Screen Film on iPhone 15

The fourth advantage is the MagicAlignTM installation kit. Installing a screen protector could be a small difficulty, especially if the screen film is misaligned with the screen. The extra bubbles and dust underneath the screen film may drive you nuts. We provide a solution by sending a MagicAlignTM installation kit for every screen protector we sold. It is easy to handle and recyclable. Follow the manual steps and you will install a screen protector for bubble-free effect easily. And your screen film will not be misaligned as it settles along the frame of the MagicAlignTM. Plus, the kit is recyclable so you could use it to replace another screen protector once you need it.

best screen protector for iPhone 15 curved edges

Wrap Up

With high quality and various practical functions, we do bring our best screen protector for iPhone 15 season. Benks make screen protector through 13 filtering manuals to ensure every screen protector delivered to your hand is great. Don’t miss out on the best screen protector for iPhone 15 rounded curved display.


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