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Article: Do All Clear Phone Cases Turn Yellow? Discover How to Keep Yours Clear Longer

Why Do Clear Phone Cases Turn Yellow? Prevent Yellowing with Benks Clear Phone Case

Do All Clear Phone Cases Turn Yellow? Discover How to Keep Yours Clear Longer

Are you tired of your clear phone cases turning yellow after just a few months of use? This common frustration among smartphone users often leads to dissatisfaction and frequent replacements. In this article, we'll explore why clear phone cases turn yellow and introduce a new, innovative solution—the Benks Lucent Pro Clear Phone Case—designed to stay pristine and clear.

Why Do Clear Phone Cases Turn Yellow?

Clear phone cases are typically made from silicone or thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). These materials are chosen for their durability and flexibility, but they have a natural enemy: ultraviolet (UV) light. Exposure to the sun's rays, as well as to certain chemicals found in lotions, oils, and dyes, can cause these materials to undergo a chemical reaction that leads to yellowing. This process, known as photo-oxidation, is accelerated by heat and light, making your once-crystal-clear phone case look old and dingy.

The Science Behind Yellowing

At a molecular level, UV light breaks down the chemical bonds in silicone and TPU. This breakdown forms free radicals, which then react with other elements in the environment, such as oxygen, leading to discoloration. Additionally, everyday wear and tear introduce micro-abrasions that can make the yellowing appear even more pronounced on a clear phone case.

How to Prevent Yellowing in Clear Phone Cases

While it's challenging to completely avoid any yellowing, there are ways to prolong the clarity of a clear phone case:

  • Reduce Exposure to Sunlight: Keeping your clear phone case out of direct sunlight can significantly slow down the yellowing process.
  • Regular Cleaning: Washing your clear phone case with soapy water can remove oils and dyes that might accelerate yellowing.
  • Choose Quality Clear Phone Cases: Some clear phone cases are treated with UV-resistant materials that can help delay the onset of yellowing.

Introducing the Benks Lucent Pro Clear Phone Case

At Benks, we've crafted a clear phone case that defies the expectations of what a clear phone case can do. Our new Lucent Pro Clear Phone Case incorporates advanced anti-yellowing technology that combines UV resistance with durable materials designed to resist discoloration.

Unique Guarantee

Understanding that some yellowing over time is inevitable, Benks offers a unique swap guarantee: if your clear phone case shows signs of yellowing within three months of purchase, you can swap it for a fresh one for just $9.99. This commitment ensures that your iPhone always looks as good as new.

Key Features

  • Innovative Material Composition: Utilizes a unique blend of materials treated with a UV-resistant coating to maintain transparency.
  • Enhanced Durability: Not only resistant to yellowing but also provides superior protection against drops and scratches.

Why Choose the Benks Lucent Pro Clear Phone Case?

Our clear phone case is more than just a protective tool; it's an investment in maintaining the aesthetic beauty of your iPhone. Say goodbye to the frustration of unsightly yellowing and hello to a crystal-clear phone case that stays that way.


While most clear phone cases succumb to yellowing due to environmental factors, the Benks Lucent Pro Clear Phone Case offers a revolutionary alternative that keeps your clear phone case clear for the long haul. With its cutting-edge technology and stylish design, it’s the perfect choice for iPhone users looking to combine aesthetics with functionality.

Explore more and purchase your Benks Lucent Pro Clear Phone Case here.

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