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Nothing makes your tech indestructible, but that doesn’t stop us trying. To keep your tech as safe as possible, we create products that we have faith will seriously perform. That’s why all* of our products come with a serious warranty.

The top line
Our cases (that’s phone cases, iPad cases, etc) come with a one year warranty. Whether you get the latest handset every year or look after your device through thick and thin, your Benks case should be along for the ride.

Our screen protector come with a 1 year warranty. Your tech deserves the best, so while we can guarantee the best performance for a long time, sometimes the best means a regular upgrade.

 Our electronic goods (like wireless chargers) come with a 1 year warranty. 

The fine print
This warranty relates to defects in material or workmanship. It does not cover any problem or damage to an item that is caused by or originates from:
1. Installation / application failures
2. Daily wear-and-tear *
3. Drops and falls Liquid damage Intentional modifications
4. Items not manufactured by us
5. Items not sold by us or our authorised resellers
6. Misuse or mishandling of the product
7. Theft or loss of the product

* Please note that the natural yellowing of clear cases over time is classified as daily wear-and-tear and not a material defect.

This warranty applies to all products purchased directly from If you purchased your product from one of our authorised retailers, please contact them directly for any warranty-related claims.

Please check the quality of the items when they arrive and contact us immediately if you have any concerns.

If you have a concern about your Benks purchase, please contact our Customer Support Team.

For any Warranty claims, you will need to include high-resolution photos clearly showing the defect.

If your complaint is deemed to be valid, we will then replace the item at no charge, with a new product of the same model and style.

If your product was gifted to you, please note that you will need the original order number for any warranty claims so that we can process your request.

Promotional items (those sent to you for the purpose of carrying out reviews, videos, etc.) are not covered by this warranty.