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Benks Galaxy Official 
Group Giveaway

It's simple, it's funny, and you could be the winner!

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We are committed to "Protect Better" with advanced tech accessories.
Join Benks Galaxy Official Group (Giveaway👇) and help us to build a supportive community!

Protect Your Phones In A Stylish Way

Better Defend Your Phone Screen

Charge the Devices As You Like

Indispensable Companion For Desk Setup

How to Play❔

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 Benks Galaxy Official Group

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Official Group

Terms and Conditions 🗒️


Highly active members will be more preferred as giveaway winners.


Group Admin will announce the monthly winners on the first working day of next month. [e.g. Oct.1st] 

3. Prizes & Gifts

Each winner will win 1 random Benks hot-selling product. 
More members, more gifts!🎁

📣 Hear the Voices

Mark Ellis

"This Benks headset stand is the most elegant I have in my studio, and superbly built for the price."


"THE KING OF ARAMID! This is the one you need to go out there and get for sure"

As featured in...

”Slim, lightweight, easy-to-use, stylish and powerful, the Benks MagClap on-Go Power Bank is your choice if you want utility, portability and the best bang for your buck.“

“This Benks headset stand is the most elegant I have in my studio, and superbly built for the price.”

“Benks has found a way to reliably combine the materials and consistently build extremely sturdy cases out of them”

"The Benks Infinity Pro Magnetic iPad Stand is a really good looking stand. Made from aluminum, it’s a great match for Apple’s recent, angular iPad Pro lineup."

”The design feels Apple-like, and the materials look fantastic. As an AirPods Max stand, the Grand Pro is excellent. "