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Article: Considering a Thin Phone Case for iPhone 15? Read This Before You Buy It

the strongest thin phone case built with Kevlar fiber

Considering a Thin Phone Case for iPhone 15? Read This Before You Buy It

Every month, about 40 thousand people searched for thin phone cases on Google. Especially when coming to iPhone 15——the titanium frames, slimmer bezels, and curved edges (information was according to Macrumor), wearing a ultra thin phone case will bring you a comfortable naked phone sensation in your hands.

But don’t forget protection is the essential existing value of any phone case. To protect your costly iPhone or even pricier iPhone 15, you better choose a robust thin phone case instead of the thinnest one.

Here, we have some advice on purchasing a protective thin phone case.

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Are Thin Phone Cases Good?

Thin phone cases are designed to highlight the slim and sleek profile of your phone, preserving its original design and feel. They have minimal bulk and are lightweight, making them easier to carry in pockets or bags. Besides, many ultra thin phone cases are compatible with wireless charging, allowing you to charge your phone without removing the case.

It sounds all right. But wait a minute, try to think about your first intention of buying a phone case. What’s that?


Don’t get your priorities wrong. However, do thin phone cases protect the phone?

thin phone case built with aramid fiber

Do Thin Phone Cases Protect Your Phone?

If your search ends up in the “thinnest phone case”, be careful that it must reduce some features of protection to become a super light and ultra thin phone case. So if you are not that kind of guy who pursues extremely thin sensation, the best solution is to choose a protective and strong thin phone case.

In fact, some thin phone cases can balance the aesthetic and protection well.

It depends on the different materials of thin phone cases. Some materials have strong tensile strength for superior impact resistance. However, some materials are easy to wear out. Choose the right thin phone case, you don’t have to compromise to protection.

thin phone cases for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Series

Which Material is the Best for Making a Thin Phone Case?

The most frequently used materials for thin phone case are PC, TPU, aramid fiber (includes Kevlar fiber), carbon fiber and silicone. Here are four main dimensions to estimate whether they could make a great thin phone case.






1.20–1.22 g/cm3

55 - 75 MPa



1.21 g/cm3

20 - 70 MPa


Kevlar Fiber

1.44 g/cm3

3,000 - 3,620 MPa


Carbon Fiber

1.8 g/cm3

350 - 700 MPa



1.10–1.50 g/cm3

6 - 10 MPa


* Data was from Wikipedia and helped by OpenAI.

Density: Important factor to decide the weight of thin phone cases. Lower density makes lighter weight at the same volume.

Strength: A dimension to measure the impact resistance of thin phone cases. For example, Kevlar fiber is 5 times stronger than steel at the same weight and has super strong impact resistance.

Conductivity: Some materials are non-conductive and block your phone signal.

We found that each material shows various features. Let’s delve into the chart and analyze which material is the best for making a thin phone case.

Firstly, carbon fiber has the highest density and is conductive to block the phone signal. It is not suitable to make a thin phone case. Pure silicone material has the lightest density, however, its strength is only 6~10 MPa. A thin phone case like that will increase the risk of damaging your new iPhone.

What about PC or TPU? Well, they are quite some choices if you didn’t see the aramid fiber(kevlar fiber). Kevlar fiber, which only gets about 0.2 higher density than PC and TPU, but its more than 3000Mpa strength is way high than PC and TPU and any material in this chart. Therefore, Kevlar fiber will be the best material to make the strongest thin phone case.

minimalist thin phone case for iPhone 15

Where to Find the Strongest Thin Phone Case?

Balance the lightweight design and comprehensive protection, Benks adopts DuPontTM Kevlar® fiber to make the strongest thin phone case. Direct to check Benks MagClap ArmorAir Phone Case, it is an aesthetic thin phone case with a slim, thin, and minimalist design. 

Also, thanks to kevlar® fiber, which is 5 times stronger than steel at the same weight and widely used in optic-fiber, bulletproof vests, supercars, and aerospace, Benks MagClap ArmorAir Phone Case has really excellent scratches resistance and heat resistance. It can bear the fire, hard scratches, not to mention daily wear out. Plus, it has a smooth and comfortable grip texture to achieve a naked phone-like experience.  

From the perspective of protection, the thinnest phone case is unnecessary, but this strong and robust thin phone case definitely matches your needs.

How much is the iPhone 15? Forbes reported that iPhone 15 maybe $799 and iPhone 15 Pro Max may up to $1199. But with only $39.99, our strongest thin phone case——Benks MagClap ArmorAir Phone Case could guard your $1199 safely and expand minimalism to your phone.


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