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Article: Gifts for Dad, Gifts for You

Gifts for Dad, Gifts for You

Gifts for Dad, Gifts for You

You Care for the Family, We Care for You

The day jumps into June, Father’s Day is just around the corner and it is time to show your carefulness to dad through some pleasure gifts. Shopping for dad may be difficult, but fatherhood aside, any Big Boy is partial to tech gadgets. To help you find some top picks, we’re rounding up a list of stand-out gifts for every type of dad on iPhone accessories, charging digital, and more. These are gifts for dad, and also gifts for you. After all, nothing could be more cherished than creating memories with dad.

For the Dad Who Fans on iPhone

For an iPhone fan dad who goes out frequently, it doesn’t get much better than a shockproof phone case that you can send to protect the favorite iPhone. Braided with the slimmer but tougher 600D Kevlar fibers, and equipped with inner shockproof airbags, the ArmorPro was meant to bring military-grade drop resistance for better protection to your iPhone. Attach it with the StandGo, and it will charge the iPhone efficiently and conveniently whether you is assisting in emergency scenes or answering calls for service.

Kickstand Power Bank

For the Dad Who Has to Sit Long Hours

From the first day kids came into the world, dad, especially who is a doctor, keeps high attention to their health. But dad probably is getting uncomfortable due to the unhealthy posture during long-hour sitting. Get an Infinity iPad Stand to magnetic attach your iPad stably will show the most thoughtful carefulness to you. And the free rotation allows you always at the most comfortable posture whenever examining patients' medical histories.

Rotatable iPad Stand 

For the Dad Who Likes Drawing

If dad has the habit to write or draw on iPad, a satisfied iPad pencil could definitely amplify the fun. Get a high-quality stylus pen to help you explore the art world and spark the creativity. Benks pen supports wireless charging and lasts 9 hours. Whether swiftly sketching, freely doodling, or gracefully tracing, just simply turn on the pencil in one tap, it will perform well and help you enjoy free creation.

Apple pencil replacement

For the Dad Who is A Game Mania

Dad is the rock that holds the family together. But dad, or any guy in the family has some hobbies. If you relax via gaming, then a StandGo battery pack and a Biliz cooling phone case will be the most gratifying gifts. Small size, yet fast charging. The 10000mAh StandGo power bank provides fast wireless charging for game mania dad to enjoy more sustained gaming pleasure. And equipped with great heat dissipation through innovative Freezemat cooling hydrogel, the Biliz Pro cooling phone case will magnify your gaming fun.

Kickstand Power Bank

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